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CBD Crystallization with “Plug Flow Crystallizer”

To understand CBD crystallization, we must first understand what crystallization is and how it works. Crystallization is defined as the separation of a solute from its solvent by forcing it to solidify at its most fundamental level. This is accomplished by the manipulation of the solubility of the solute in the solvent. The most prevalent method of accomplishing this is through the altering of temperature levels. A cooling crystallization is what is utilized to crystallize CBD isolate from CBD distillate.

To carry out a cooling crystallization, the solute must be adequately soluble in the solvent at the start (greater) temperature and insoluble in the solvent at the end (reduced) temperature, respectively. This is advantageous because it increases theoretical yields over a real temperature shift by forcing more of the solute out of solution—the more insoluble the solute at lower temperatures, the better.

Similarly, in the case of CBD isolation, a similar strategy is used. It is necessary to dilute the CBD contained in CBD distillate with a hydrocarbon solvent (usually pentane or heptane), which is then cooled such that the CBD molecules condense as CBD isolate crystals to get CBD to isolate.


CBD crystals formation

CBD crystals formed as a result of CBD crystallization. These crystals are also known as CBD isolates. They are the purest form of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant.


CBD crystallization advantages

The main advantage of the CBD crystallization process is that it produces CBD crystals that do not have a particular flavor or fragrance, in contrast to other types
of CBD (such as full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD). This happens because CBD crystals are a highly refined product due to CBD crystallization. 
Some of the
potential health advantages of CBD crystals are as follows:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-convulsion effects
  • Anti-stress effects 
  • Prevent vomiting
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Immune-boosting characteristics
  • Prevention of cancer formation
  • Nausea treatmentNeuroprotective effects

CBD crystals are also free of any traces of THC, whereas any other broad or full-spectrum CBD products may include 0.3 percent THC.

THC is not often included in broad or full-spectrum CBD products, but it may be present in trace amounts. They also have additional substances that are derived from the common cannabis plant as well.


Plug Flow Crystallizer 


Plug Flow Crystallizer is a device that has a continuous crystallizer exhibiting plug
flow, and it allows low attrition of CBD crystals.

Plug Flow Crystallizer (PFC) is comprised of a rotating shaft with blades that are specially placed within a shell. Under the influence of uniform and gentle agitation, the product flows through in a practically plug flow way. PFC also has multiple heating and cooling portions that regulate temperature inversions. Along with that, gentle agitation reduces the breaking of CBD crystals.

Plus points of using Plug Flow Crystallizer during CBD crystallization:

1. PFC runs continuously (up to 10 hrs)

2. Avoid uncontrolled nucleation

3. Allow crystallization with anti-solvent

4. Low irritation between crystals

5. Operate in 2 separate mods, i.e., cooling or evaporative

6. It can be used with a high percentage of solids with slurries 

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