About Hash 4.0

Moroccan Cannabis Company


A new era of cannabis for Medical & Industrial uses in Morocco

The company was founded by Mr. Chakir. He worked for years in Germany as a process engineer and project manager in the field of process engineering. Through his work in vacuum distillation, he has handled cannabis oil processing projects. Together with our strategic partners we offer you the best Cannabis solutions.

About us

Turn cannabis into green gold.

Chemia Technology SARL is a full-registered company by the Moroccan law with the product Hash 4.0. Our goal includes the consulting, engineering and the digitalization of the Cannabis process. We focus on the refinement of cannabis oil ( CBD/THC) for Medical as well as Industrial uses in Morocco. OUR VISION is to make cannabis economically viable and sustainable in legal market as a potential to improve Moroccan society.
Chemia Technology is supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Legal Market

Quality Product

Social & Ecology

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We have an great plan for the next generation

Our offer in Morocco is addressed to food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical as well as Farmers. Our target group has the need to produce quality- and cost-conscious and want to offer high quality products on the market. Our companies contribute to the sustainable development of Morocco. Our target group can improve their products and thus earn more revenue.


More education, exchange and collaboration with specialists.

Cannabis Research

There are many applications that are still being researched.

Cannabis Development

Extraction and dosage more components of the cannabis plant in the laboratory.

Cannabis Superfood

Should be a supplement to the daily menu not only for vegans and vegetarians.