Test and Improve your

We advise you around process optimization and test together your Cannabis product in a high quality equipped laboratory in the Netherlands.
We offer you technical study with sample check quality according to GMP, Basic Engineering (PFD, PID and Instrument list), commissioning and Maintenance of chemical plants e.g. vacuum distillation plants and Perform test and Check quality according to GMP.


Cannabis Feasibility

Cannabis Quality

Cannabis Distillation

Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis Crystallization

Cannabis Pilot Plant

Test and improve

Test and feasibility studies in pilot plants to optimize production processes and pilot large-scale plants. The pilot plants of Technoforce in Geelen, the Netherlands, offer various application tests.


CBD/THC Distillation

Thin Film & Short Path Technology

To achieve a pure CBD isolate or a product that retains additional cannabinoids, a special liquid-liquid separation technology is used. The Operating Pressure down to

0,001 mbar

Cannabis Processing Plant

Plant Engineering and Construction

Technoforce has developed synergistically relevant technologies. Thus, the customers can avail several process steps from a single source. Having modern manufacturing facilities with robots and CNC machines in India, Technical sales in Germany, pilot plant facilities in India and the Netherlands. Technoforce has uniquely positioned itself to provide competitive solutions.

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Technologies & Products

Technoforce provides process intensification in the related fields for creating synergetic solutions. Technoforce has developed its know-how in process optimization for over 31 years in the field of evaporation, drying, vacuum distillation, crystallization and extraction.

Thin Film and Short Path Technology

For high temperature sensitive products and for the production of high quality distillate e.g. pure CBD.


Crystallization provides a process to produce solid crystalline compounds with high purity. CBD crystals with a 90+% purity or higher.


It will use as an economical alternative for separating compounds that are difficult to purify by distillation.


The most energy efficient dryer in the market. Thermal efficiency exceeds 90%. An example is the dring of heat sensitive food product.

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Thin Film Evaporators & Dryers, Short Path Distillation Units, Extractors, Plug Flow Crystallizers.