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We helping you launching your new businesses as well as expanding your existing business and established businesses grow. We Support around investing, advocacy, and mentoring partner in the cannabis industry in Morocco. We help cannabis entrepreneurs optimize facility design, standardize operations. Furthermore manufacture according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Purchase of vacuum distillation plants and spare Parts.

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Why Morocco

8 reasons to choose Morocco


In Morocco, the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes is legalized.


The global demand for Moroccan cannabis for both private and industrial use is growing rapidly.


Favorable production costs, high  growth potential and available raw materials are the catalyst for success.


Free trade Agreement with USA and advanced Status With EU as full trading partner.


Being less than 14 km from Europe positions Morocco as a regional center for trade and manufacturing for Europe, MENA and Americas.


Morocco has free trade Zones with partial or total exemptions from Vat, income tax, and import duties.


Morocco is one of the most advanced and developed markets in Africa. Political stability in the midst of regional instability.


Moroccans are polyglots and speak Arabic, French, English, and Spanish, which is a significant advantage for foreign investors.

The Moroccan cannabis market

Market potential

A study by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior includes two projections of Moroccan cannabis export targets for legal use in Europe by 2028. The first hypothesis refers to a 10% share of the medical cannabis market ($42 billion), equivalent to $4.2 billion, and an annual agricultural income of about $420 million. The second hypothesis targets 15% of the medical cannabis market, equivalent to USD 6.3 billion, and an annual agricultural income of about USD 630 million.

6,3billion USD

Cannabis annual production

Outdoor & Indoor

Annual outdoor cannabis production in Morocco is about


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