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Januar 7, 2022 0 Comments

Hash 4.0 – Moroccan Cannabis for medical and industrial use

Chemia Technology, the Moroccan startup, has launched Hash 4.0, a project in the cannabis field. Mr. Chakir founded the company. He worked for years in Germany as a process engineer and project manager in the field of process engineering. During his
work in vacuum distillation, he has handled cannabis oil processing projects.

Together with his partner Technoforce, Chemia Technology will offer the best solutions for Cannabis in Morocco. Technoforce is an Indian company with a Technical Sales
Office in Germany and Pilot Plants in Nederland. Technoforce has been developing its expertise in the field of process optimization for over 31 years.

In addition, Chemia Technology is supported by the German Agence For International. OUR VISION is to make cannabis economically viable and sustainable as a potential for Moroccan society.

„We turn moroccan cannabis into green gold.“

– Hicham Chakir

The object of this company is to provide consult engineering and the digitalization of the cannabis process in Morocco. In addition, the company’s goal also includes the marketing of cannabis for medical and industrial applications in Germany.

Cannabis Consulting Morocco

Hash 4.0 helps founders of new companies as well as expansion of existing companies along with the growth of established companies. We help cannabis entrepreneurs with:

  • Obtaining business licenses
  • Optimizing facility design
  • Standardization of processes
  • Purchase of equipment and spare parts
  • Maximizing business development 

  • Cannabis Engineering Morocco

    Hash 4.0 advises you around process optimization and testing together with your Cannabis product in a high-quality equipped laboratory in the Netherlands. Hash 4.0 offers:

  • Technical studies with quality control according to GMP
  • Basic and Details engineering
  • Commissioning and maintenance of chemical plants, e.g., vacuum distillation plants
  • Perform tests and Check quality according to GMP. 

  • Cannabis digitalization Morocco

    The times of digitalization and Industry 4.0 make no exception in the production of medical cannabis. IT systems make it possible to automate the value chain and map the generated data in a tamper-proof way. Hash 4.0 tasks are to support the digitalization and process optimization:

  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Storage
  • The security of the plant 


    Cannabis Market

    The cannabis industry is a new niche market. Cannabis is being legalized in more and more countries around the world. In Germany, the sale and use of hemp products (without the intoxicating component) has been permitted since March 2021. This means that products made from hemp may be processed in foodstuffs (e.g., salad oil, food supplements, tea, flour) and sold in retail stores, among other things. These products‘ intoxicating effect (without intoxicating THC content) is excluded. Cannabis has many uses, whether in medicine, the food industry, or cosmetics.

    In Morocco, cannabis has been legalized since 2021. The Moroccan state will significantly influence the competition by regulating prices and issuing permits, meaning that the market will be regulated, and only those companies that have obtained permits will be able to operate in the market.


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